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Director of Organized Solutions:

Amber Sanchez

 I love Jesus and am very blessed He has enabled me to pursue my passion of creating beautifully organized spaces. My husband and I live in Chicago's NW Suburbs, and we enjoy hanging out with friends, giving back to our community, serving in our church, and outdoor recreation. While growing up I lived in 11 houses in 13 years. My parents were an amazing house flipping team. My dad was the builder and my mom was the decorator, organizer, and cleaner. This background enables me to always see the potential in ANY space. I was raised in Minnesota; and South Dakota was where I received my degree in Business Management. Out of college I was recruited to work for The Hershey Company as a Retail Sales Representative, it was here I truly discovered my passion for organization. For those of you that have never seen the backroom of a Mass Merchandiser or Chain Grocery Store, count yourself blessed. There were two stores out of 21 that were well-organized. The two organized stores functioned like well-oiled machines! They planned their space accordingly to never get behind on everyday inventory or promotions. Daily for four years I witnessed how being organized can positively impact time management, communication, physical/mental energy, and sales, and much more - I was inspired to become a Professional Home & Business Organizer. I received my certification as an Advanced International Organizing Professional from QC Design School and brought my company to life - Organized Solutions!

Organizer with Organized Solutions:

Jan Olson

I have always been passionate about organizing. I would ask my friends and family if they needed help organizing their closets, kitchens, garages and yes, even their crawl spaces. It is always refreshing to me to see the joyful faces of those I have been able to help with the talents that God has gifted me with. For years, I have told my husband that I wish I could do this for a living. Then I met Amber at church and as we got to know each other we discovered how much we have in common. So when she offered me a position with Organized Solutions, I literally jumped at the opportunity. The idea of bringing simple systems into family homes to help them run more efficiently and peacefully makes me love getting up every morning!




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