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Our Services


01 Home Organizing


Imagine walking into your home knowing exactly what you own and where it is located. Room by room we will help you take back your space and re-claim your home oasis. From your basement to your attic and everything in-between we've got you covered. Once we have your organizing plans in place each client can be as hands on or hands-off throughout the organizing process as they desire. 

02 Business Organizing


Organizing your office will make you and those around you more efficient which saves time, energy, and money. Together we will look at what's working in your office and what organizing solutions can be added to maximize your business potential. If you need some creative work-flow solutions or basic categorizing and filing we are happy to make your office work for you.   

03 Relocation Organizing


If the sheer thought of moving sends you into a tizzy, not to worry, We’ll be there in a hurry. We can help you with space planning and placement, packing or unpacking, make suggestions to maximize your new space from closet systems to bins and drawer organizers. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, we will help your move be stress-free.

04 Selling Lucrative Items 


Selling your unwanted items online is something we offer clients when they have things of high value that they do not need anymore and would like to sell. Please ask us for more information about this sevice as there is a minimum amount of anticipated sales clients need to reach before we will we move forward with online sales. 

05 Scheduling Donation Pick-ups


There are so many wonderful organizations to donate your unwanted items. There are the bigger names like Goodwill and Salvation Army, but also smaller donation centers as well. WINGS helps benefit moms who need some extra help and the Frisbee Senior Center are two great organizations that will take your donations and give you a tax deductible receipt. 

Our Rates

  • We operate on an hourly rate. One Organizer is $50 an hour or two Organizers for $100 an hour. Our minimum organizing session is three hours. Making a minimum session with one Organizer only $150 - so much can be accomplished when you have a plan and three hours. We are happy to schedule up to seven hours of organizing in one day, however most clients find four to six hours optimal. We know our rates are competitive and strive to exceed every clients expectations!  

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